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Bridge's Live and Learn English Program is specifically designed for au pairs living with American families. An important part of being a successful au pair is learning to communicate effectively and interact appropriately with your host family and community members. Live & Learn English will not only help you to perfect your English skills, but also to gain a better understanding of American life and culture, and others’ perceptions of the United States.

Meet Requirements

Meet Requirements

A fun way to meet J-1
visa requirements.

6 Week Terms

6 Week Terms

Each class is 6 hours
per week.



36 hours of instruction
for $225!

Upcoming Start Dates & Prices Prices

Item Hours Tuition
1 Course 36 hours $225
2 Courses 72 hours $450

Three Proficiency Levels Two Proficiency Levels

Take our online placement test before you begin your course.

  • Intermediate Levels (CEFR: B1 – B2)
  • Advanced Levels (CEFR: C1 – C2)

Students who already have a high level of English proficiency may sign up for specialized courses where language skills are perfected, and American culture is explored in depth.

Programs and CoursesLive & Learn Topics and Courses

  • English Conversation & Expression
  • American Language & Culture
  • Language Test Prep
  • Special Topics in ESL
  • Refining Writing Skills

...and more!

Programs and Courses Schedule

Saturdays (9am - 3pm)
New York:
Mon & Wed (10am - 1:15pm)
Tue & Thurs (10am - 1:15pm)
Wednesdays (7pm - 10pm)

* final availability may change term to term. Current options will be shown during enrollment.

Programs and Courses Start Dates

Denver New York
2016 2017 2016 2017
September 24 January 14
March 4
April 22
June 10
July 29
September 16
October 28
September 19
October 31
January 9
February 20
April 3
May 15
June 26
August 7
September 18
October 30


Any non-native English speaker au pair looking to improve their communication skills and better understand life in the United States.

Reading: International Views of America
Writing: Considering Cultural Differences
Speaking & Listening: American Pop Culture

Yes. The program was designed to satisfy the J-1 visa education component. However, au pairs should verify with their agencies the number of contact hours necessary to satisfy the requirement as it may vary by agency. The Live & Learn program is a total of 72 contact hours.

Yes. A regular, 3-credit course costs approximately $2,430 and au pairs must meet all of Manhattanville College’s general admission requirements. More information about part-time tuition and fees at Manhattanville College can be found here.

You can choose to study 24, 12 or just 6 hours of class. The final price will change.

Live & Learn: Language and Culture for Au Pairs

Live & Learn: Language and Culture for Au Pairs
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